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Hi, I'm Amy.

The day I was born my mother took news paper clippings from the national news paper, they included the front page highlights, the horoscopes & the weather section.

She popped them in my baby book along side photos of her pregnant with me wearing overalls standing in the kitchen, hospital photos of dad holding me and photos of my sisters meeting me for the first time. As I grew up I would pull out this album and carefully soak in every detail from the first day of my entire life. Although my mother didn’t intend it to, these collections of memories provided me with such emotional security, a forever reminder of how cherished my life is.

So although you might be looking to celebrate your life’s transitions by capturing images of you, for you. I know that the images that I create really aren’t for you, they’re for this new little person, it’s for them to hold and feel how loved they are, it’s part of their story and will be for the rest of their life.

As featured in.

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